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Site Major

Prefabricated System

The Site Major, Prefabricated Building System was developed as an alternative to traditional brick & mortar buildings to reduce time and resources required for on-site installation.

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Features & Benefits

This building system is prefabricated, meaning that all the components are premanufactured in a strict quality controlled off-site factory environment in accordance with the customized building design, the building materials are then transported to site for assembly.

Quick Construction

Low Cost

Customizable Designs

Less Resources Required

Durable & Reliable Structures

Safer Method of Construction




Floated concrete slab
(150mm thick and 25Mpa)

Foundation drawings supplied

Unlimited building sizes

Cast in plumbing

Plumbing & Electrical drawings supplied.

Ground slope below
150mm & compaction
above 90 ASHTO required

Bolt together chassis supplied

Maximum size limitations (12m wide and 25m length)

Concrete plinths or jacks
& concrete blocks, supplied with steps (if needed)



Available in 40mm & 60mm thickness

Manufactured using the
Manni panel press system
where the cavity between
two chroma-deck 0.50mm
steel sheets gets injected
with polyurethane foam.

Bolt Together LSF Trusses with 9, 11 or 15 degrees pitches.

0.50mm chroma-deck roof sheeting.

Suspended Ceiling with Insulation.



All components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment in South Africa, ensuring that on-site installation time and workforce size are kept to a minimum. We can provide SADC certificate for our locally manufactured materials.


Materials, including all internal electrical and plumbing components, are neatly and securely packed in knockdown and component form. Material is transported via road or sea freight depending on the location of the project in Africa. 


Installation of our prefabricated buildings is done by a team of experienced professionals. Our general team will consist of Project Managers, Site Foremen, Electricians, Plumbers, Highly Skilled Erectors, Tilers & Carpenters.


The prefab building can be used immediately once erected and connected to external services. Boasting a design life of over twenty years and with basic care and maintenance will last you indefinitely. 


Site Major buildings are not limited to rectangles and squares but can be built using different layout options.


Road Freight

All prefabricated and modular building systems can be transported by road in South Africa and to certain other African countries.

Sea Freight

Where road cannot go we can transport all our prefabricated and modular building systems via sea freight worldwide.