Prefab Building Systems


Prefabricated System

The Pioneer was developed as a knock down, on-site assembled prefabricated building system with a mono-pitched roof structure.
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Features & Benefits

Quick Construction

Low Cost

Less Resources Required

Less Labour Required

Durable & Reliable Structures

Safer Method of Construction




Permanent/Semi Permanent

Floated concrete slab
(150mm thick and 25mpa)

Foundation drawings supplied

Cast in plumbing if required

Unlimited length. Width limited to 3.57m with mono-pitch panel roof or 7.70m with dual-pitched ridge-beam roof system. 

Relocatable (no slab required)

Can be factory built and delivered to site (within South Africa Only. Cross border requires on-site installation)

Ground slope below 150mm & compaction above 90 ASHTO required

Bolt together chassis

Maximum size limitations
(3.57m wide and 11.65m length)



40mm or 60mm PU Sandwich Panels 

Panels Have tongue and groove vertical joints

Each panel is injected with self-extinguishing high density polyurethane between pre-painted 0.5mm Chromadek sheets

Insulation 0.022W/mk (40mm Panel)

Density 36/m3

40mm or 60mm
PU sandwich panels


0.58mm Chromadek roof sheeting 


Mono-pitch roof or dual-pitch roof with ridge-beam support structure. 



We use only the highest quality materials and components in our prefabricated building systems. Ensuring our buildings are durable with top quality finishes.


Each assembly kit is packed in knock down form to allow for maximum space utilization.


Each unit is assembled by experienced erectors, making sure that each component is in working order.


The unit can be used immediately. Boasting a lengthy lifespan if well maintained.


Pioneer buildings are limited to rectangles and squares. However, any size combinations from the below given dimensions can be made.


Road Freight

All size variations of the Flatpack can be transported by road in South Africa and to certain other African countries.

Sea Freight

A standard Flatpack unit (2.4mx6m) can be exported to just about any country world wide by means of sea freight.